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Summer Fruit Share & CSA Card

Spring has been good to us in CO this year. Our bounty of offerings goes above and beyond just veggies, eggs, flowers, etc. We will have FRUIT to share with you as well. Our annual partnership with Colorado's best organic fruit from the Western Slope is soon around the corner.

Fruit Share offers an average of 3lbs of seasonal, certified organic Colorado fruit each week for 15 weeks. This share starts with cherries in late June or early July. Fruit share includes cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, apples and pears. 

Reserve your 2024 fruit share today!!

Our CSA Card membership allows you to purchase any available items at our farmstand with the Traditional CSA Share savings. Supporting local purveyors and community makers, brings you access to the best quality small-batch goods. Fill your market baskets with veggies, fruit, eggs, coffee, tea, pasta, dairy, nursery plants, pork, beef, lamb, chicken and additional home goods (handmade pottery, cards, etc.)

How the CSA Card Works


Our CSA card allows you to shop when you want, and to purchase what you need that week—offering you the most flexibility. If you travel often, have specific dietary needs or just want to supplement your own garden, this is perfect for you!

  • Purchase the card for $500(10% bonus is added to the card; total of $550)

  • May be used to purchase any Cure Organic Farm product available at the Farm Stand during normal business hours. 

  • Available products throughout the season include vegetables, heritage pork, beef, fruit, honey, eggs, flowers, plant starts, hanging baskets and a variety of value-added goods.

  • The balance can be used throughout the entire season, from when the Farm Stand opens in the spring through Thanksgiving. The balance must be used by 12/15/2024. Any unused balances will be donated after this date.

  • If you use up your balance before the end of the season, you can add additional money to your card in $100 increments and maintain the same benefits.

Reserve your 2024 CSA Card today!!

Have you met the rest of our farm family? We love working the fields and so do THEY! Stop by the farm to say hi and share a tasty nibble with our farm goats and pot belly pig, Penny. If you see the mischievous Jerry (mature white goat) jumping the fence or wandering around the farm, be sure to give him a scratch behind the ears. Jerry loves his daily food scavenger hunts, especially when we least expect it.....

Cure Organic Farm is in its 19th growing season

Anne has curated a Boulder staple that you've seen at the farmer's markets in previous years and continued presence at the farm, located at 75th & Valmont. Our farmstand continues to grow each year and we're feeling stronger than ever with all of the community support and partnerships with other farms and ranches. Every season can present unexpected challenges, but we continue to grow with passion, integrity and perseverance.

We are grateful for your undying support season after season, we would not be here without you!

Our history...........

'Cure Organic farm is a woman-owned, commercial, diversified family farm, growing over 100 varieties of vegetables, herbs, berries, and specialty cut flowers on public and private land.  We rotationally graze a flock of laying hens, and Nigerian dwarf goats We have produce, meat and eggs available for sale 50 weeks of the year.  Our main markets include our Community Supported Agriculture program, Boulder County and Denver restaurants, and our farm stand.  

We host tours and field trips to teach groups about agroecology, organic food production and sustainable systems on the farm.  Our staff is a team of aspiring new farmers enrolled in our Vegetable & Flower Farm Crew program, which offers in the field, hands on training, as well as an introduction to farm business management. Anne Cure started the farm in 2005.'


Grace your ears with this beautiful tune and celebrate today! Artist Camille: Song 'Seeds'

The Farm Stand is OPEN Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm.

Come out and say hi!!!

Hope to see you on the farm soon,

Anne and the Cure Organic Farm Team

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