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From Our Field to Your Table

In the 1960's, the Ellis family grew evergreen trees and vegetable crops on this land and each year they would set up picnic tables full of fresh sweet corn, tomatoes, and winter squash underneath the big willow tree out front. People could stop by the farm and help themselves to whatever was in season, leaving their money in a coffee can.


To continue that tradition, we set up our own farm stand, for you to shop our fresh produce. See the table below for what's in season and come on by!

Two ways to shop at our Farm Stand


In Person

Swing by the farm at

7416 Valmont Road
Boulder, Colorado, 80301

On-site Farm Stand 

January Hours: 

Closed today 1/23/22


7416 Valmont Rd, Boulder, CO.

The Farm Stand will be closed during severe weather conditions. 

Online orders will be available regardless of winter weather conditions.  Check out the   Shop Now page to place your order.

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At the Farm Stand this week   

  • arugula

  • microgreens

  • carrots

  • potatoes

  • pinto beans

  • winter squash

  • apples

Eggs & Meat
  • Grass -fed Beef 

  • Chicken & Duck Eggs

Local Dry Goods
  • Farmer John's Whole Wheat Flour

  • Highland Honey

  • Silver Canyon Coffee

  • Pastificio craft pasta

  • Cure Farm Hats & Bags

  • Prepared foods from our Farm Kitchen 

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