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Who's your farmer? Meet Rachel.

Flower Share and Tea Share go great together!

The smell of plum blossoms in Boulder County is amazing right now! Our neighborhoods are full of vibrant tulips, budding trees and bright green spring grasses. A welcomed cloud cover and April snow this week has our field of flowers off to a great start.

Summer Flower Share:

Flowers are their own medicine. We grow a wide range of flowers and offer mixed bouquets for 15 weeks, starting usually in late June, continuing through September. Flower varieties we grow include: agrostemma, larkspur, black-eye Susan, ageratum, bells of Ireland, cosmos, strawflower, calendula, snap dragons, sunflowers, zinnia, dahlias, gladiolus, statis, amaranth, gomphrena, sweet peas, ranunculus, anemone, yarrow, and more!

  • $300 - 15 weeks; one bouquet each week of organically grown and hand-crafted blooms.

  • Shares can be picked up at a convenient location of your choice: Pick up is at the farm, located at 7416 Valmont rd, Boulder, CO. Denver pick-up locations will be emailed to you upon registration.

Celebrate Wiley Farm & Co. Tea Share

Our flower lead, Rachel, is in her 2nd very own growing season! Last year, Rachel began her entrepreneurial dreams by starting Wiley Farm & Co. You may remember seeing her beautiful floral arrangements at our farmstand. Rachel has grown Wiley Farm & Co's offerings and has created an herbal tea share for CSA members, and her teas are available at the Farm Stand and her booth at the Longmont Farmers Market (City Park market too, beginning in May).

Support Rachel this season by securing a Wiley Farm & Co Tea Share with us!

Choose from a variety of Wiley Botanical’s loose leaf botanical teas every other week that are ecologically and organically grown by Wiley Farm & Co. Our teas are cultivated and blended with intention to soothe your mind and soul.

Who's Your Farmer?

Meet Rachel, farmer/owner of Wiley Farm & Co and our flower lead at Cure Organic Farm.

Where are you from? I'm from Dallas, TX


Why do you choose Boulder County?

  Like many others my initial attraction to Boulder was the proximity to the mountains and a love for the outdoors. The reason I’ve stayed is the community I have found and the wonderful people I get to connect with and share experiences with thanks to Boulder’s farming community. 

Why farming?

 While farming brings plenty of chaos into my life, more often than not it brings me a sense of peace and connection. Connection to the land, our environment, other humans, and the plants that encourage the health, creativity, and joy for myself and the people I love dearly. Also, making a living playing in the dirt all day isn’t half bad.

Share a core belief:

 Play and joy are essential for a fulfilling life and too often we sacrifice our playfulness and joyfulness for an unconscious need to validate our existence and prove that we are worthy. We all have inherent value regardless of how much or how hard we work. Being able to bring playfulness and joy into my work and to the people I get to work alongside is a true privilege and something I am extremely grateful for. 

Fav veg / flower? (Sorry I can’t pick just one)

  * Flower: Lily (Focal), Hot Biscuits Amaranth (Filler)

  * Vegetable: Anything in the allium family or cucumbers because pickles, duh!

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