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As a commercial family farm, we grow over 100 different varieties of vegetables, herbs, berries and flowers on 15 acres and distribute them within 50 miles of the farm through a CSA program, to local restaurants, farmers markets, and our on-site farm stand. The farm is also home to several honey bee hives, and flock of hens and ducks.

This all takes a lot of work.

And, Cure Organic Farm is committed to providing you with opportunities to connect with local agriculture on many levels—from offering employment opportunities and volunteer roles to educational tours that explore life on the farm.


Full and part time positions are available for qualified individuals. Roles require hard work and long hours in the field daily, but offer the invaluable benefit of being a part of the inner workings of the farm. In addition, the focus of our internship program is to train future farmers in creating a successful, diversified, commercial market farms. 


Volunteer positions at Cure Organic Farm provide the opportunity to actively experience farm life, ask questions, and learn about successful small agriculture management.

Farm Tours

Witness agriculture in action—experiencing where food is grown rather than watching it arrive at supermarkets. Our farmers are happy to work with you to design a farm tour that fits into your group's focus.


If you've got a seed of agricultural experience, we can use you!

(Check out our seasonal positions.)


Gain agricultural experience that goes beyond backyard gardening to organic production and animal husbandry.

(Show up with us and come get your hands dirty!)

Farm Tours

Explore a variety of farm tour experiences on Mondays or Thursdays.

(Available April–May & September–October) 

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