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Farm Tours

The opportunity to experience agriculture in action is a rarity nowadays. Experiencing where food is grown rather than watching it arrive at supermarkets is the point of our farm tours. Our farmers are happy to work with you to design a farm tour that fits into your group's focus.

Types of Tours


Below are areas where we can focus your tour—planting seeds of what a farm experience can offer:

  • Local food production and distribution: Emphasis on seasonality, what crops grow when, and how we distribute them

  • Composting: What it is and its role in food production

  • Farm animals: Get a taste of what critters we're home to including a visit to our chickens, ducks and pigs

  • How it works: Our farm's history, greenhouse and hoop house production, animals meet and greet, and a behind-the-scenes look at how the crops are grown

  • Regenerative and Sustainable methods: This tour highlights the methods used on our farm to create a healthy ecosystem. Topics include crop rotations, fertility, water conservation, perennial crops, integrated pest management and fertility.


Tour Details


Length: Approximately 1 hour (All ages are welcome! Bathroom facilities are available at the farm.)


Cost: $5 per person (teachers are free) with $75 minimum charge (Fee is payable the day of the tour.)

Availability: Mondays or Thursdays; April–May and September–October (Sorry, no tours on weekends.)

Setting up a Tour: To schedule a group tour of the farm please fill out the form below. (Questions? Please email us.)

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