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What's on your Thanksgiving Table?

If any holiday truly celebrates agriculture, it is Thanksgiving. Arriving as the day light hours dwindle and we all pause to soak in the daily sunshine, even if the temperatures are below freezing.

Thanksgiving comes at the end of our harvest season. Any root crops still in the ground are becoming sweeter by the day, as the carbohydrates turn into sugars (think carrots, parsnips, etc.) in the cold ground.

Winter squashes, potatoes, onions, garlic, apples, dry beans are all tucked into cold storage for the winter.

It's Thanksgiving Box time.

Each November we put together a box of seasonal veggies and fruit perfect for your Thanksgiving celebration. You will pick your pre-ordered box up on the day you choose either at the farm stand on the farm or at one of our CSA pick-up sites in Denver (DU or Highlands neighborhood).

Choose local. You are creating the community you want to live in.

The Farm Stand is open daily, 12-4:30 pm.

See you on the farm,

Anne and the Cure Organic Farm Team

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