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We are Open!

The Farm Stand is Open This Weekend (4/10 & 4/11)

The Farm Stand will be open this weekend from 12pm-5pm. Come stop by to pick up your weekly veggies, cold season nursery stock and say hello to the animals!

What can you expect at the stand this weekend?

Arugula Microgreens Farmer John's Whole Wheat Flour

Spinach Baby Kale Farmer John's Compost

Head Lettuce Salad Mix Chicken & Duck Eggs

Highland Honey Grass-fed Beef Pasticifio Craft Pasta

Silver Canyon Coffee Apparel Cool Season Nursery Stock

Don't Forget Your Nursery Stock!

Cool season crops are ready to go in the ground, so stop by the Farm Stand this weekend and pick up some nursery stock to kick off your growing season!

Current nursery stock plants available:

Artichoke Head Lettuce

Bok Choy Kale

Broccoli Parsley

Cabbage Red & Yellow Onions

Cauliflower Snap Peas

Chard & More Coming Soon!

We are ALL excited to see you this weekend!

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