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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Grab your wool socks and cozy sweater, winter is comin' this week!

Potato harvest continues, as does carrots, turnips and winter radishes. We have two more weeks of Winter Share pick up. Our last Winter Share pick up is Wednesday 11/23 (yes, the day before Thanksgiving).

Don't have a Winter Share? No stress! Our Farm Stand is open daily 12-4pm. We are trying to keep the farm stand page availability updated. Check it out here. We've gone to winter hours and are closing earlier due to how dark it gets by 5pm. We'll be open through the first week of December as long as it isn't snowing, and the temperature is above 40 degrees. Check out our intstagram/facebook if the weather looks questionable. We will post there if we are closed.

"Eating is so intimate and spiritual, when you cook for someone, you are inviting them into your life." - Maya Angelou

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday around the farm because of the sentiment in this quote. As with each planting, harvest day and farm stand visit we put a bit of ourselves into the food and relationships we cultivate.

We've put together a Thanksgiving Box with some seasonal favorites for your holiday table. Order yours now on our Shop page. We have three convenient pick-up times available from Sunday 11/20-Wednesday 11/23. We will be closed Thanksgiving day through the weekend.

Do you have a CSA CARD? The farm stand will be open through the December 4th. Make sure to use the balance on your card by December 4th. Any unused balance will be donated in food to EFAA.

Farm Stand Hours: daily 12-4pm.

Pictured here is our Saturday Farm stand crew. They love to chat food, about bluegrass, travel, what to feed Penny and more. Come out and say Hi!.

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