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Farm Stand OPEN DAILY through December 17th

What a beautiful season it has been. We are in the field still harvesting greens, root crops and potatoes. Keep reading for a full list of everything currently available at the farm stand. Our farm stand is open daily through December 17th.

With daylight saving time ending on Sunday morning (11/5/23) we will begin our winter hours at the stand.

We will continue to be open daily, 12-4:30pm.


What's available at the Farm Stand

Organic Vegetables & eggs

  • arugula, braising greens, baby kale, spicy greens.

  • turnips, radishes, potatoes, onions, garlic.

  • potatoes, celery, broccolini, peppers.

  • butternut, delicata, carnival, kabocha squashes.

  • organically fed, non soy/non corn chicken eggs.

Organic Colorado Apples

  • honey crisp, empire, fuji, braeburn, jonagold.

Grown by First Fruits Farm in Paonia, CO

Flash Pasteurized Dairy

  • whole milk, skyr yogurt, Greek yogurt, ricotta.

Frank Silva's 100% grass fed/grass finished beef

  • variety of beef cuts changing daily, including ground beef, stew meat, roast, steaks, soup bones and short ribs.

  • variety of pork cuts changing daily, including chops, breakfast sausage, bacon, shoulder roasts and brats.

Organic heritage wheat

  • Sonora white wheat berries, fresh ground flour.

And so much more. Open daily 12-4:30.

Hope to see you on the farm soon!

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