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Farm Stand open daily 12-5pm

We are harvesting spinach, pea shoots, arugula, stinging nettles, herbs, over wintered carrots and more variety each week. The first bunches of asparagus from Kiowa Valley Farm are in. Anemone and ranunculus flowers are blooming, and we have bouquets available daily.

Come check out all of our flowering hanging baskets, including strawberries and nasturtiums. We have Farmer John's compost and a wide selection of plants to help your garden get started.

The freezers are stocked with Frank's all-natural beef and pork. We have Wisdom Farm's whole roasting chickens, and 100% grass fed lamb from Mystic Hills Farmstead.

You can find Five Freedoms Dairy here at the farm stand this year. We've got whole milk, chocolate milk, skyr and greek yogurt, and ricotta.

For your pantry pick up some heritage wheatberries, or milled flour; current variety is Sonora White grown in the San Luis Valley by Jones Farm Organics. All of your other favorites can still be found here including Caludia's pastas (Pastificio), Tim's honey, Silver Canyon Coffee, and Jules VanThyne's pinto beans.

and......if you need another reason to stop by and say hi, there are baby goats!

Looking forward to seeing you on the farm,

Anne and the Cure Organic Farm team

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