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CSA - Who's your farmer?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares are the best way to connect, really connect with where your food is grown, who grows it and how the land is managed. Most local farms have CSA share options. There are a thousand different ways to offer CSA memberships. Your best bet is to check out several local farms and choose a CSA program that works well for your food choices, and your schedule.

We offer traditional csa shares; this is the farmers choice option where members receive what is in season and ready to harvest that week, in quantities that the farmers choose for you. We also offer a more flexible model; our CSA Card. With our CSA Card membership, you shop when you want and choose the items that you want that week. Stop by the stand to pick up your produce a few times a week or just a couple of time a month. It's your choice. Your schedule.

Flower shares, egg shares, fruit shares, coffee shares, bread shares and wine & cheese shares are also available through our CSA program. Check out the CSA page for more details.

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