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Farm Stand Closed for the holidays

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Come by the farm to pick up fresh eggs from our self-serve stand!

In the 1960's the Ellis family grew crops on this land at 75th & Valmont. Farmer John Ellis's late father Martin Ellis grew everything from evergreen trees to sweet corn. He would set up picnic tables full of fresh sweet corn, tomatoes and winter squash underneath the big willow tree out front. People could stop by the farm and help themselves to whatever was in season, leaving their money in a coffee can.

To continue that tradition, in 2006 we set up our own farm stand. We know that eating seasonally is a delicious challenge. We grow over a hundred varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers. Stop by and enjoy what's in season.

Our partnerships with western slope growers allows us to provide a wide variety of organic fruit throughout the season.*

*Our fruit includes fresh organic fruit grown on Colorado's western slope by First Fruits and Rancho Durazno.

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