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Choose Local. It Matters.

I've been thinking a lot about how the smallest choices we make have the most impact on our communities, our land and water, our personal health. How these small choices become our habits, our values. On the farm, I love that people ask about how their food is grown, how our land is cared for, who the farmers are that feed them each week. I absolutely love to share what we do here and why.

You choosing local matters. Taking the time to create a relationship matters. Culturally one of the biggest challenges we have yet to overcome is acknowledging and supporting what the true cost of food/feed/flowers/fiber is. Together we value healthy land stewardship, fair wages for workers, inclusivity, a non-polluted environment, and physical and emotional wellbeing, yet I often find myself defending the true cost of what it takes to keep a farm alive in our community. Making, enjoying and sharing food is the ritual, the small choice that becomes a habit, then a value that keeps our small farm communities alive and thriving. Thank you for choosing local, it matters.

Giving flowers for Valentine's Day?

We've got gorgeous tulip blooms grown organically right here on the farm, handcrafted into the perfect bouquet. Details available below or on our shop page. Pick-up is at the farm on the day of your choice.


Share the Farm Stand Love?

Gift Cards are available in our online store and make a really great practical gift. Our Farm Stand will open on Saturdays just as soon as this snow passes, and the temps are above 40 degrees, for sure in March! Use the gift card to enjoy everything the farm stand has to offer from seasonal vegetables and fruit, to ranch direct meats, eggs, flower bouquets, plants for your garden, hanging baskets, locally produced dry goods, honey and more!


CSA Shares - Community Supported Agriculture

What we can create together is pretty incredible.

See you out in the field soon,

Anne and the Cure Farm Team

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