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Cherries, snap peas, asparagus, all the greens and so much more!

We are open daily, 12-5pm T

The stand is stocked with beautiful produce from our fields and other local farm and ranch goods. With all of this hail and cool weather, we continue to have starts for your garden and hanging baskets available. Check out what we've got in stock. Below are a few of the local ranches we work with to provide you with the best meats available. New this season is Five Freedoms Dairy.

Mikenzie worked with us at Cure Organic Farm in 2018. She and her husband have a ranch up in Clark, CO, Mystic Hills Farmstead. They raise sheep and we are excited ot offer their 100% grass-fed lamb

Frank Silva raises highland cattle. We have a wide variety of his cuts availabe at the stand daily. He is at the farm every other Saturday to meet you and share more about his ranch. This year we are also offering his son's pork.

Five Freedoms Dairy was founded by veterinarian Kevin McSweeney with the goal of creating a small but sustainable dairy focused on providing cows with a healthier and more enriched life. The centerpiece of this enrichment is Five Freedoms’ system of leaving the cows with calves after they are born. We have their whole milk, ricotta, and yogurts available.

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