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Chef Bex's Farm to Table Food of the Week!

This week Chef Bex is whipping up some delightful spreads, breads and full on take home meals for you and your family to enjoy! Be sure to stop at the Farm Stand ASAP as all of the delicious food sells out FAST!

Here is the list of what you can find this week :

  • Classic Cucumber Dill Spears : $11 - Garlic, Dill, Cucumbers.

  • Semi- Sweet Cucumber Pickles with Chile & Mint : $11 - A fun twist on bread & butter pickles, a little less sweet with the addition of mint, basil and chile. Great on rice bowls, in ramen or bao, on Bahn mi or just for snacking.

  • Cucumber Pickles with Juniper and Rosemary: $11 - A unique twist on your classic pickled cucumber. Great for snacking, or try on gyros, roast pork or as a cocktail garnish.

  • Sweet Corn and Summer Squash Chowder : $15 - A light, refreshing burst of summer flavor. Not too heavy with great sweet corn and herb favors.

  • Stone Fruit Jame with Tulsi and Sweet Basil : $11 - Peaches and Nectarines with Tulsi & Sweet Basil. Try it on grilled cheese, in sandwiches, on toast or swirled into your favorite breakfast bowl.

  • Rhubarb Vanilla Jam : $11

  • Spiced Zucchini Marmalade : $11 or $4 - A classic orange and pineapple marmalade with the addition off grated zucchini and sweet baking spices ( cinnamon, clove...)

  • Herbed Lemon Aioli with Garlic Confit : $5 - A great side to dip artichokes and cooked veggies in or enjoy on BLT / other summer sandwiches.

  • Zucchini Bread with Dried Cranberries : $10

  • Chilled Cucumber Soup : $8 - The perfect chilled soup made with buttermilk, dill, lemon, herbs, garlic and a drizzle of EVOO for a hot summer day. Serve very cold, stir before serving.

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