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Celebrating July 4th? We've got everything you need at the Farm Stand!

Open daily, including July 4th from 12-5pm.

Lots of beautiful crops are coming in from the field right now.

At the Farm Stand this week:

Salad mix

Head Lettuce


Herbs (basil, mint, chives, oregano, thyme, sage, nettle)





Spring onions


Garlic Scapes

Fava beans

Snow peas


Zucchini and yellow summer squash

Squash Blossoms

Viola edible flowers

and more....

Tree Ripened Fruit from Paonia and Palisade at the Farm Stand!

We are stocked with apricots and cherries from the western slope. Come on in and load up for the week ahead. Peaches will be coming soon!

Five Freedoms Dairy in stock at the Farm Stand

We are excited to have Kevin's yogurt back in stock at the farm stand. His cows are calving so we should have milk soon too!

Daily Grains is at the Farm Stand Wednesdays and Saturdays

Ashley with Daily Grains has her tent set up and full of heritage grain goodness (sourdough breads and cookies) on Wednesday and Saturdays. Come chat her up to expand your grain knowledge and enjoy her unmatched bread!

Homestead Natural Beef and Pork

Frank has restocked our freezers with a wide variety of beef and pork cuts. Once you try his beef and pork you will not want any other!

While out harvesting last week the farmers came across this bird's nest in a bed of our fava beans. Just wanted to share the magic with you!

Hope to see you on the farm soon.

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