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2024 CSA Sign-up Closes April 30th

CSA season is just around the corner. Shares begin in June!

Got CSA?

We have both traditional CSA shares and our flexible CSA Card share available. We would love to grow for you this season. These are the final weeks to secure your CSA shares for 2024, registration closes April 30th.

What are you planting in your home garden this season? We love growing food for you and also encourage you to enjoy the growing process at home! Planting organic seeds helps to regenerate/maintain healthy soil at any scale. Our farmstand will be packed full of plants, Farmer John's compost, Masa Farm's seeds and more to kick-start your gardening project needs. Lots of seedling superstars are ready to SHINE this year with us all. Plant starts will be available at the farm stand in late April.

Our farm team took time to rest and rejuvenate over the winter and ready to kick it into high-gear this year! Our crew is stacked with incredible, passionate and hard working individuals. From the field, to maintenance and repairs, to the farmstand....we couldn't be happier to serve our community with the best of the best, for you and your loved ones! We've committed to this journey for the LET'S GO! Stop by the farmstand to say hi this season.

Back by popular demand this year is Boulder's very own Pastificio Heirloom Wheat Pasta. Made from un-altered heirloom wheat varieties, Pastificio pasta is as nourishing as it is filling to your foodie soul! We have dried pasta available for purchase at our farmstand this season!

Five Freedoms Dairy share offering:

Kevin has stayed quite busy this winter, as he has recently been moving farm locations. Right now raw milk shares are available through the link below. In a couple weeks we will have pasteurized whole milk, yogurts, chocolate milk (sometimes strawberry) and ricotta available again at the farm stand. They're offering multiple pick-up locations this year to bring your home-grown dairy closer to you!

Here's where you can find Kevin at Five Freedoms Dairy:

Pickups every Saturday

  • Longmont (King Soopers parking lot on

Hover) 8-8:45am

  • Boulder (Sanitas Brewery) 9-10am

  • Denver (across the street from East High School - 1600 Esplanade) 11am-12pm

  • Denver (Cameron Church parking lot - 1600 South Pearl St) 12:30-1pm

  • Denver (In front of St. Killians Cheese Shop - 3211 Lowell Blvd) 2-2:45pm

More dairy CSA info can be found here

As always folks, we will have Highland honey stocked in both quart and pint jars all season!!


The Farm Stand is OPEN Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm.

Come out and say hi!!!

Hope to see you on the farm soon,

Anne and the Cure Organic Farm Team

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