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Harvest Crew Leader

This position is responsible for leading and overseeing the daily harvest and distribution schedule of the farm. This includes working daily with the farm crew consisting of full and part-time employees, and volunteers. Chicken flock management, post-harvest, field work, farm stand and CSA distribution, and other responsibilities are detailed below.


Successful Harvest Crew Leader applicants will love working in collaborative team setting and be committed to commercial sustainable vegetable production.  A minimum of one-year previous full time farm experience is required. Previous experience must include planting, weeding, irrigating, harvesting and post-harvest handling. 


The successful applicant will have the physical ability to work daily with hands, wrists and back, and ability to lift 50 pounds regularly. Applicants should expect to work in all weather conditions including, rain, snow, and daily summer heat of 90-100 degrees. Qualified candidates are positive, emotionally mature, strong role models and leaders. You need to be flexible and organized, and able to work well with a diverse group of people.  


Season: Mid-March through Nov. 30th

Pay: $17/hr with a weekly produce share

Schedule: See below for details

StatusFull Time: 5 days a week, (40–55 hrs/wk)


Typical weekly schedule on the farm includes:

Monday: Greenhouse, cooler inventory, and/or field work including seeding, weeding, transplanting, and trellising
Tuesday: Harvest for 500 member CSA, farm stand, and restaurants (incl. order delivery)
Wednesday: Finish harvesting for CSA, and distribute CSA on-site
Thursday: Field work including weeding and transplanting (Thursdays are Volunteer Day. Harvest Crew Leader and the Field Crew leader are responsible for welcoming volunteers into the field and leading them and the rest of the farm crew through the morning.)
Friday: Harvest for farm stand, weekend CSA, and for restaurants (incl. order delivery)
Saturday: CSA distribution. Farm Stand sales. 

Harvest Crew Leader works 5 days a week. Schedule can vary, M-F or Tues- Sat, depending on applicants interests and availability. 

Daily responsibilities include:


  • Lead farm crew with daily harvests and post-harvest washing and packing in the packing shed

  • Weekly record keeping around crop availability and harvest yields

  • Manage farm crew—set pace, keep momentum in the fields, and oversee all workers so that jobs are done correctly and thoroughly

  • Lead and assist in managing volunteers in the field

  • Lead all FSMA record keeping as it relates to employee hygiene, health, harvest, packing and distribution

  • Assist in set-up and use of irrigation in fields, greenhouses, and hardening off area

  • Assist distribution of all produce, including CSA distribution, farm store, and wholesale account deliveries

  • Assist Field Crew Leader and farm crew with seeding, transplanting, weeding, and harvesting throughout season


Greenhouse Responsibilities:

  • Assist in overseeing and maintaining greenhouse production, including seeding, fertilization, irrigation, pest management, and record keeping

  • Assist in managing and oversee plants in hardening off area and record keeping of transplanting dates

Animal Responsibilities:

  • Assist with daily animal chores as needed

Personal Requirements:

  • Ability to analyze and solve problems efficiently as they arise

  • Awareness of your surroundings- complete jobs and follow through is critical

  • Flexibility and ability to work constructively and with positivity

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Excellent organization, ability to multi-task and good record keeping skills

  • Excellent communication with co-workers and the larger community

  • Ability to efficiently lead a group varying in age, physical ability and knowledge to accomplish daily goals

  • Strong initiative, ability to work alone and well in a group setting

Team Management:

  • Must be a leader who is proficient in managing co-workers effectively to create a positive work environment

  • Great communication skills are a must

  • Must have a positive personality and sense of humor, and enjoy the blessings of working on a growing family farm

  • Must be someone who looks to create solutions when situations arise

  • Must be able to fill-in for shifts in case of crew illness or emergency

  • Must be able to ensure team maintains clean and organized facilities

  • Minimum one year of previous full time farm experience

  • Physical strength, problem solver, good health, and team player with positive “can-do” attitude

  • Physical and emotional maturity to meet the uncertain job demands as well as represent the farm as a whole

  • Valid drivers’ license

  • Experience driving box trucks and manual transmission vehicles

  • Various tractor and equipment experience and proficiency in attaching 3 pts/PTO equipment

  • Committed to growing with our expanding farm

  • Willingness to learn and work within existing systems infrastructures

  • In-person interview and farm visit is required


To apply, help us get to know you by submitting a resume, three references, and a cover letter answering the following:





  1. Why are you interested in Cure Organic Farm and this position?

  2. What previous experience are you bringing to this position?

  3. What are your personal goals related to agriculture?

  4. What experience do you have working with animals?

  5. What makes you a good leader? Share more about your management style and give an example of a previous experience.

  6. What are some areas of farming you are excited to learn more about and gain more experience with?

  7. Please share more about yourself (hobbies, pastimes, travels, etc.).

Please submit application by email to; re: Harvest Crew Leader Application


If your application is a good fit for our farm, we will contact you for an initial interview either by phone (if out of state) or in person at the farm.

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