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Greetings CSA Members,

Happy spring! How sweet it is to see all of the trees in full blossom, tulips and other early bulbs in their prime as the mountains become more green each day. What a long, cold winter this one was. We are happy to be out planting into the fields. Please read on for all the details of what's happening here on the farm. Out standing in the field,

Farmer Anne & the Cure Organic Farm Crew




Payment & Pickup of Your CSA Share

Thanks to all of you who have paid in full by the May 1st deadline. We really appreciate it. If you have not paid in full as of yet, now is the time to do so to keep your share. If you do not know what your balance is, please contact me here at the farm (303-666-6397).

Your First CSA pick up is June 4th. We look forward to seeing all of you then. This season promises to be full of new adventures. We have a great farm crew, the fields are filling up fast with crops and we are really excited about the new relationships we are creating with Conscious Coffees and Meadow Lark Farm Dinners. We are looking forward to sharing the season with you.

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New CSA Coffee Share

New This Season, a Coffee Share in partnership with Conscious Coffees of Boulder. Do love to wake up and smell the coffee? Well, then you are going to love this opportunity! We are excited to offer a Coffee Share beginning this season with Mel & Mark Glenn, owners of Conscious Coffees.

How the share works:

Cost - $200; one pound per week for the 20 week season ($10 per pound)

Each Tuesday Conscious Coffees will roast and deliver your share to the farm ready for you to pick up on Wednesday evenings with you CSA vegetable/fruit share at your pick up location. The coffee share will be available weekly for the 20 week CSA season. Click here to sign up for the coffee share.

•  Receive 1 pound of fresh roasted beans each week for the 20 week CSA season

•  Choose a light roast, dark roast or decaf for your share.

•  Want more than one pound? Sign up for multiple shares.

•  Sign up for a share now on our website.


Who is Conscious Coffees? We purchase directly from small family farm cooperatives through our green coffee importing cooperative (coopcoffees.com), eliminating exporters, importers, and middle men. This direct trade relationship provides a solid foundation from which reciprocal exchanges mutually benefit all parties. Our mission is to create long-term relationships with our growers, customers, and the environment, which transcend volume and profits, and emphasize cup quality, human rights, and sustainability.

We focus on the perfect roast profile for each harvested crop as well as maintaining freshness of roasted coffee and the intricate science necessary for perfect brewing.
We are fiercely committed to a set of low impact business practices. This includes minimizing the amount of packaging we use for our product, and taking responsibility for that packaging.   

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Notes From the Field

A walk through the greenhouse this year is a heavenly experience. All of the plants have been exquisite thus far. One greenhouse is dedicated to 38 heirloom tomato varieties this season. We had to build another greenhouse for the melons, squash, summer lettuces and brassicas. I may have gotten a bit carried away with the tomato seeds this season.

We've taken on more land as of Feb 15th . We are leasing additional property at Treehouse Nursery next door. We built two new hoop houses for more availability on either end of the season. We will be trying eggplant and peppers in the hoop houses this season. Hoping that the additional protection will help ripen red, yellow and orange peppers this year, as well as other varieties of eggplant.

This was a hard winter on over-wintered crops and on early spring crops. We did not have the accumulated snow fall out here at the farm that we had last year to help insulate the ground, and lost all of our over-wintered carrot crop. It was also a challenge for the garlic to grow. We truly missed all of the snow insulation of winter 2007. We have been harvesting spinach, from the field for farmers market. Peas, fava beans, beets, carrots, turnips, radish, bok choy, kale, chard, parsley, celeriac, onions and leeks are all in the field and growing well at the time of writing. Potatoes are this week's project. We have 1600 pounds of seed potatoes to cut, plant and irrigate this week. This season we will be cultivating 8 acres.

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News from the Barn Yard

The funny thing is, we don't have a barn or a barn yard. But we do have quite a few animals living here on the farm. This winter we added another 120 chickens to our laying flock. These chicks were hatched in mid February so they should begin laying eggs in July. In March, 20 ducklings arrived. We all love the ducks; they will also begin laying eggs later this summer. The sheep have had a very productive winter and spring. We have 7 spring lambs on fresh pasture. This brings our total sheep count up to 16, and a llama to keep them safe from predators. This year the pig pen is home to 4 Duroc/York cross pigs. These pigs were born in Longmont on Feb. 14th and weigh about 35-40 pounds at present. We are still deciding on names….any input is welcome. We lost two honey bee hives this winter, no sign of mites, maybe not enough food for the severe cold conditions. We have added 4 new hives this spring to the apairy and are hoping to catch some swarms as well. All of the animals on the farm are anxiously awaiting the first CSA pick up!

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Meadow Lark Farm Dinners

Beginning in June, Meadow Lark Farm Dinners will be setting their table in our fields and preparing dinner from the foods we grow here on the farm. Meadow Lark Farm Dinners are a celebration of Colorado's farmers and food artisans. From June to November, they invite you to meet the farmers, walk through the fields, and enjoy a handcrafted meal in the company of your friends and neighbors. Their menus, inspired by the morning's harvest, are prepared on-site and served at a long table set between the rows. Every evening is an occasion to taste the local flavors of our brief yet bountiful growing season. For more information, and to learn about dinner dates at Cure Organic Farm, visit their website at: www.farmdinners.com.

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Farm Stand

Our farm stand is now open! Stop on out to see what is coming out of the fields. We have 38 varieties of heirloom tomato seedlings available along with eggplant, peppers and basil plants for sale. The self-serve farm stand is open daily from 10am-7 pm weather permitting.


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cure organic farm | p: 303-666-6397 | e: cureorganicfarm@yahoo.com

Your first CSA pick-up is Wednesday June 4th

Meet the Crew

Anne, Paul & Georgia; Dawn Rostad the field manager, Interns Jessica Lara and Donald Arrant