CSA Membership Details

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is based on a simple principle: connecting people to their local food source. When you join a CSA you are entering into a partnership that is dedicated to bringing fresh, organic produce directly from our fields to your table each week. Your membership helps to pay for seeds, water, equipment and labor in the early season when expenses are high and income is low. In return, the farm provides just picked seasonal produce each week beginning in June, for 20 weeks for our CSA members. CSA members make a commitment to support the farm through their annual membership. This commitment ensures the survival of local agriculture by sharing the risk and bounty of the farm. By joining you become an active part of the farm's success and community.

How Does It Work?

Our 2019 CSA program will host our traditional CSA distributions at the farm. CSA members who pick up at the farm will read their share items off of the chalk board and pack their own shares. There will be an exchange table to trade items out each week. We will keep this stocked in 2019 with a variety of different crops both offered in your weekly share and others that we have as staple crops, (based on seasonal availability) like onions, garlic, etc.

What's new for 2019? CSA distribution at the farmers markets will look different

Over the years we have received great feedback from you that has helped us to make our systems on the farm better. One challenge that we have each year is our boxed csa shares that are distributed at the farmers markets. Often vegetables and fruit get bruised, an item doesn't get packed in the box, the wrong box gets picked up...you are getting the picture.

In 2019 we will no longer be packing csa boxes to be picked up at market. Our market distribution will look different. CSA members who pick up at the farmers market will use a CSA Farm Card to "shop" the farmers market stand and choose their own share each week.

How the CSA Card Works:

  • Purchase a small, medium or large vegetable share and we load that amount of money onto your CSA Card.
  • Come to your CSA pick up on Wednesday evening in Boulder or Saturday in Denver with your CSA Card and shop our stand at the farmers market.
  • You choose your veggies each week, then we swipe your card at our register to deduct the share cost for that week.
  • You decide what you need each week. Stocking up on tomatoes to do some canning, great. Going out of town so only need some lettuce and carrots this week, great! Can't make it to pick up this week, no problem, you can use your card to fill the pantry next week.
  • You can add more to your balance ($100 increments) if you use it all before the end of the 20 week season. Any share balances at the end of the season will be donated in produce to Community Food Share.
  • Fruit shares, egg shares, flower shares, coffee shares, bread shares and wine and cheese shares will continue to be available at market pick-up as well. Just fill out your registration form and we will have all of your shares waiting for you when you come to pick out your veggies. 


Pick-up Locations

Please choose your pick-up location for the CSA season 6/3/19-10/16/2019:

  • Wednesday 4-7pm; Cure Organic Farm Store, 7450 Valmont Rd. Boulder, CO 80301
  • Wednesday 4-7pm; Boulder Farmer's Market 13th between Arapahoe Ave. and Canyon Ave.
  • Thursday 3-6pm; Cure Organic Farm Store, 7450 Valmont Rd. Boulder, CO 80301
  • Saturday 9-1pm, Denver Union Station Farmers Market, 1701 Wynkoop St. Denver, CO.

CSA shares picked up at Cure Organic Farm store are distributed market style. What your share receives each week will be written on a large chalk board at pick-up. Members will choose and pack their own vegetables, fruit and flowers. Please bring your own bags. We will have bags available if you need them as well.

CSA shares picked up at either the Boulder Farmers Market or Denver Union Station Farmers Market will use a CSA Card to shop the market and choose their own share.


Share Size & Cost

In 2019 we'll offer 250 CSA shares. Please choose from the following:



Membership includes your weekly produce, a weekly newsletter, recipes, invitations to farm events and the opportunity to enjoy the farm each week.

To get on our mailing list for future CSA sign-ups, please email us at: cureorganicfarm@yahoo.com


What Do I Get Each Week?

At Cure Organic Farm we grow over 100 varieties of vegetables and herbs. Each week you'll receive a diverse mix of crops that are in season. While no two weeks are the same, here is an example of a typical Medium share in August:

August CSA Medium Share



Crop List

Eating seasonally is a delicious challenge. We grow over a hundred varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers. Our partnerships with western slope growers allows us to provide a wide variety of organic fruit throughout the season. See more about our growing practices and our crop availability list by month here.

  • Vegetables


    Fava Beans
    Salad Mix
    Bok Choy
    Green Beans
    Braising Mix
    Head Lettuce
    Heirloom Tomatoes
    Snap Beans
    Brussels Sprouts
    Snow Peas
    Sugar Snap Peas
    Summer Squash
    Sweet Corn
    Cherry Tomatoes
    Winter Squash
    Dry Beans
    Radicchio Zucchini


  • Organic thyme Herbs



  • Organic Apples Fruit*


  • Organic Flower Bouquets Flowers

    Bachelor Buttons
    Bells of Ireland
    Black Eyed Susans
    Snap Dragons
    Sweet Peas
    And many more varieties

*Our Fruit Share includes fresh organic fruit grown on Colorado's western slope by First Fruits and Rancho Durazno.

Moxie Baking Co. Bread & Pastry Share

  • l loaf of bread & 2 Kouign Amann pastries from Moxie Bread Company. Moxie bread share is "bakers choice", meaning each week members will choose from a variety of loaves & pasteries that the bakers prepare that morning for us.It will be on a 1st come, 1st serve basis for their selection.
  • All breads have a European crust, moist & chewy inside. Your weekly selection will include (mostly): 
    • Ciabatta-Italian table loaf (250 gram)
    • Farmhaus- A mild sourdough made with 40% whole wheat. (600 gram)
    • Algerian-Our farmhaus dough shaped into a baguette (600 gram)
    • Millabrød-Seeded farmhaus loaf with toasted pine nuts, pepitas, sesame & sunflower seeds (600 gram)
    • Seeded Dark Rye-Dense European style 100 % whole grain rye loaf with sunflower seeds & pepitas (800 gram)
  • Kouign Amann Pastry-Originated from Brittany, France. Translates to "French Butter Cake." Is laminated croissant dough with caramelized sugar in between each layer. Flaky, buttery, mildy sweet, and delectable!! We typically have 4 seasonal varieties to choose from. (100 gram each)


What Is Share the Bounty?

Community Supported Agriculture is about sharing - food, community, and bounty. Each year we make CSA memberships available at a reduced rate to lower-income households in our community. If you, your business, school or group would like to help pay for a subscription for one of these households, please indicate this on the Registration Form. If you feel like you would qualify for Share the Bounty, please contact us.