Field To Jar

Join us on one, two, or three Sunday afternoons in October to turn farm autumn bounty into jars of tasty fermented goodness to enjoy all year round. After each event, you'll leave with four jars of goodies to stock the fridge. Presented by Hatch Lab in partnership with Cure Organic Farm.

October 1, 15 or 29, 2017

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Family Fermentation

Hatch Lab and Cure Organic Farm present Family Fermentation with Mara and Willow King of Ozuké. Join us for an afternoon of learning, tasting, knife-skills practicing, and curiosity piquing while we work with seasonal, organic veggies gathered from the farm.

July 9, 2017

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Farm-Fresh Botanical Dyeing

Spend the day at the farm with natural dyeing expert Edie Ure. Learn about the colorful world of natural-dye plants and create your own masterpieces using pigment-rich flowers, veggies, and trees from the farm. We’ll all gather botanicals from the farm so you can custom dye a set of cocktail napkins to take home.


July 14, 2017

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